Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME)

The Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME) was established on March 19, 1974. It is the largest ship manning association in the Philippines and its members deploy about 75% of the total number of Filipino seafarers to ships of foreign ship owners. FAME is composed of one hundred eighteen (118) member manning companies and seven (7) associate members. The Association represents about 30% of the 400 licensed manning agencies accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). The Association is committed to ensure high management standards and business ethics.

The membership provides competent, qualified and competitive seafarers to the world’s shipping industry, wherein there is a paramount need for consistency, in meeting international maritime standards, to ensure safe, efficient and environmentally sound vessel operations, thereby, attaining quality and excellence in the ship manning business. FAME is considered a success story because it has succeeded in bringing together in its sponsored forums representatives from ship manning companies, government, ship owners and other industry stakeholders to achieve, cooperate, and coordinate the objectives of the Association and the Philippine Manning Industry as one united front, focused, and determined to achieve the goal of maintaining the country’s niche in the world seafaring market.


Filipino Shipowners Association (FSA)

FSA was established in 1950. It is composed of nineteen (19) shipping companies which own, manage, operate and/or charter Philippine flag ships for overseas trade . It is committed to the development of the Philippine overseas shipping industry. The FSA members are involved in overseas shipping and participate in the transport of the country’s trade. Philippine flag ships give stable employment to Filipino seafarers and earn foreign exchange in the form of freight in the carriage of global trade and in managing Philippine-flag vessels. It has played an instrumental role in the creation of government agencies in the Philippines, such as the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). It works closely with the government to further develop the maritime industry. Through the years, the FSA has been the primary voice of the commercial shipping industry.


International Maritime Association of the Philippines, Inc. (INTERMAP)

The International Maritime Association of the Philippines, Inc. (INTERMAP) is an association of shipping companies engaged in chartering ocean-going vessels registered under the Philippine Flag under the supervision of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). INTERMAP was created principally to assist and enhance the development and balanced growth of the maritime industry. INTERMAP started in the mid-80’s when the Maritime Industry was slowly and gradually picking up and recovering from the international recession in shipping. Several companies engaged in ship management, chartering, and ship operation felt the need to bind themselves to become a major force to reckon with in the industry. INTERMAP has been steadfast in pursuing its goal of establishing global competitiveness of vessels under the Philippine registry.


Philippine Association of Manning Agencies and Ship Managers, Inc. (PAMAS)

The Philippine Association of Manning Agencies and Ship Managers, Inc. (PAMAS) is an association of companies engaged in the business of manning and management of foreign-owned ocean going vessels. PAMAS was formally established on 18 December 1981. In its almost 31 years of existence, PAMAS has been active in promoting the interest of Filipino seafarers and the development of the manning industry. The Association has spearheaded numerous undertakings aimed at bringing to the consciousness of the public various issues impacting our industry. PAMAS has been very active in voicing out industry concerns – and finding solutions to address the same. Today, PAMAS continues to serve its purposes and pursue its commitment for the promotion and welfare of our crew-supplying industry.


Philippine Japan Manning Consultative Council Inc. (PJMCC)

PJMCC was established on 07 January 2002. Their sixty-six (66) corporate members comprise manning agencies which work with ships owned and controlled by Japanese companies and which are covered by the IBF/JSU-AMOSUP-IMMAJ Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Association is committed in its involvement with the shipping and manning industry both in the Philippines and in Japan. It is principally focused on issues concerning Filipino seafarers’ welfare and their training to improve their skills and competencies.

Being recognized as the Association of several manning agents representing the interest of Filipino seafarers working with various Japanese companies, PJMCC has been in the forefront of several initiatives related to training, international maritime regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and government affairs affecting the Industry. It is today considered as the lead Association in representing the interest of manning agents and the Filipino seafarers working with the Japanese maritime industry.